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The 5-Day Mahina Retreat

Relax | Explore | Experience | Rejuvenate

At A Glance

Duration: 5 days

Accommodations: We are willing to work with you to customize your trip.

Itinerary: Yoga, hike, paddle board, surf, kayak, and more.

Included: Accommodations, transportation to and from activities, activities, and gear.

Experience Complete Relaxation on a Mahina Hawaii 5-Day Retreat

Are you ready for the most fun, relaxing, adventurous time of your life? Our 5-Day Retreat is customized for you and your party to experience Hawaii on a whole new level. Let us take care of all the details, and you can relax knowing you’re about to have the most epic time of your life!

We will work with you with everything from accommodations, adventures, special activities, private yoga, and more. We will customize this retreat to your skill levels, desires, and what you want to experience. This is the ultimate way to visit Hawaii!

The 5-Day Retreat is perfect for honeymoon couples, families, friends, and corporate events. We can also do more or fewer days. It’s up to you. Let’s make this happen!

Here are a few examples of the adventures you’ll experience:

Get into the raw outdoors and explore hidden waterfalls, mountain tops, and scenic bird sanctuaries while you connect with the land on your own two feet.

The ocean’s energy is so powerful, and what better way to embrace it than by riding her waves? From beginner surfers to experienced pros, we have an abundance of waves to choose from.

Stand Up Paddling
A more relaxing approach to being on the ocean, where you’ll find balance and centeredness while gliding across the water.

We can take you kayaking for all skill levels. Easy river kayaking, outer island kayak adventures, and even kayak surfing!

Discover the underwater world and see many different Hawaiian reef fish, turtles, eels, and more. You never know what you may see.

Spend time relaxing and meditating to balance out all the adventures and take time to reflect.

Contact us directly to discuss your next retreat or adventure.

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