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The North Shore

The Iconic North Shore of Oahu

The North Shore of Oahu is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. From the world class surf breaks, to some of the best snorkeling, the North Shore has something for everyone. Whether you’re a traveling surfer, a foodie, or looking for a tan, the North Shore is definitely a must see side of the island when visiting Oahu. Here are some must see parts of the North Shore you have to check out when you’re here visiting.


a young girl in a swimming pool


The historic town of Hale’iwa is one of the most unique towns in all of Oahu. It originated in the late 1800s as a hotel named Hale’iwa, meaning house of the ‘Iwa (frigatebird). It is now a town home to 34 historic buildings, and has been designated a State Historic, Cultural, and Scenic district in 1984. Walking around the cute and charming town is a must do when visiting the North Shore.

You’ll find the best food, shops, and made in Hawaii art, jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, and more. It is home to the best Shave Ice on the Island, the best stand up paddling, and the biggest and best surf in the world.



a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the oceanThe North Shore Beaches:

The North Shore is best known for its legendary surf breaks and beautiful beaches. As you may know, Hawaii isn’t known for having seasons, it’s 80 degrees year round! If you lived on the North Shore for a whole year, you would feel otherwise. During the months of October thru April, the waves are consistently big. The waves are averaging anywhere from 5 foot faces to 50 foot faces and sometimes even bigger! The ocean during this time of year is really for experts only! If in doubt, don’t go out. The North Shore is also home to some of the biggest surfing contests in the world! Every winter the best surfers in the world are here to compete in the most prestigious surfing events on the planet. If you visit the North Shore during the winter you’re likely able to watch the Haleiwa Challenger, The Pipeline Masters, The Sunset Pro, or if you’re really lucky, The Eddie! We have another blog you should check out about The Eddie, a must read.

a person swimming in the water

The North Shore in the summer months feels like a completely different place. The waves are totally flat! Every famous surfing spot such as Pipeline, Sunset Beach, Haleiwa, and Waimea Bay are completely flat and not even rideable. It basically goes to hibernate until it wakes up the following winter. This is the time that everyone is safe to enjoy the North Shore waters.  The snorkeling and diving at Sharks Cove is beyond amazing.

If you know where to look, you will likely find sea turtles eating algae off the reef, huge schools of fish enjoying the calm waters of the nature preserve, and many locals and visitors alike diving in the crystal clear waters. Don’t worry though, Sharks Cove didn’t get its name because it has lots of sharks, it got its name because from a bird’s eye view, it looks like a shark bite!

a man flying through the air over a body of water

Waimea Bay is where the biggest waves get surfed during the winter months on the North Shore, but is oneofthe most iconic places to visit during the summermonths becauseof its calm and crystal clear waters.

You can jump off of Waimea rock (20 foot cliff jump), snorkel crystal clear waters, or even challenge yourself to underwater rock running! It’s a beach everyone can enjoy in the summer, and a spot that just can’t be missed.


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