Hawai'i Retreat

Yoga | Surf | SUP | Hike | Snorkel | Health | Repeat

Relax, Explore, Experience, Indulge

5-Day Retreat
Are you ready to be overwhelmed with love, nature, good food, good people, yoga, adventures and so much more? This retreat was designed from our hearts, to share with you not just an experience, but a way of living that inspires your outlook, health and everyday living. Stay in a Hawaiian beach home, visit and harvest food from local organic farms, cook and prepare healthy new recipes, practice yoga everyday, get wet in the warm tropical waters, surfing, paddling, snorkeling, relax with a Thai Yoga Massage and laugh and play with other like-minded individuals. This Retreat will disconnect you from reality, and empower you to live life in a whole new way. Contact us for more information.

Custom retreats for groups
Everything in a 5-day retreat, but customized for your personal group (family, friends, corporate event, etc.). You can make personal requests, such as activities, accommodations, food, etc. Please plan ahead, as custom retreats take lots of planning and preparation.

Here are a few examples of the adventures you’ll experience:

Get into the raw outdoors and explore hidden waterfalls, mountain tops and scenic bird sanctuaries while you connect with the land on your own two feet.

The ocean’s energy is so powerful, and what better way to embrace it than riding her waves. From beginning surfers to experienced, we have an abundance of waves to choose from.

A more relaxing approach to being on the ocean, where you’ll find balance and centeredness while gliding across water.

Outer island kayak excursions will reconnect you with your inner adventurer as you discover an abundance of sea life.

Spend time relaxing and meditating to balance out all the adventures and taking time to reflect.


Contact us directly to discuss your next retreat or adventure.


Our beautiful beach-side oasis
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